In the words of Bill S. Preston and Ted “Theodore” Logan, “Be excellent to each other.”

Here’s how I moderate comments: If they’re offensive, I don’t put them into the digital trash, I shove them into the Spam Can. That makes my life easier, because everything you post here from then on will get flagged as spam, and I won’t have to deal with it any more.

For the purposes of this blog and its comments, the phrase “each other” means “anyone who is not you,” and includes everyone else on the planet.

Behavior that will get you shoved into the Spam Can includes (but is not limited to): Abuse, racism, sexism, orientationism (you might think of this as “homophobia” but since we don’t call those who hate Black people “afrophobes”, I’m tired of giving people a “fear pass” for hating homosexuals), trolling, and shaming or silencing. Wanton, spammy selling of your own stuff here may also get your comments dumped into the Spam Can…I don’t mind a link in a signature, but if you post an advert for your imitation of Paper Street Soap and that’s completely off topic, I will shove that shit right into the Spam Can.

To be clear, I don’t mind if you mention your product in the comments if it relates to the topic, just don’t make a habit of it, please. I can’t tell you what my limits are on that, but if you cross that threshold, I will put it in the Spam Can, so please offer your products sparingly.

And yeah, Freedom of Speech and all that, but your First Amendment Rights in no way relieve you of your responsibility to be excellent to each other.

And I get it, there may be some topics here that bring up some painful shit, and you’re gonna want to sound off. If that sounding off includes any of the Bad Behaviors I listed, adios. Read the post and other comments, take time to think, then reply in a thoughtful manner. Start your response with the assumption that the other person has considered their position as carefully as they know how, and go from there. Play nice.

If you feel you must report abuse, e-mail

Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON, DUDES!